Skyrocket your professional and mass recruitment with Hiberty Hire

intelligent hiring automation platform


Hiberty Hire in figures!


faster recruitment process due to automatic vacancy publishing, searching and automating routine tasks


time savings to fill a vacancy by increasing the conversion rate in the recruitment funnel


cost savings due to intelligent pre-screening rules which help to reduce management labor costs


Applicants processed annually


Positions closed annually


Happy users

Skyrocket your recruitment

Automate Recruitment processes with Hiberty Hire

With one click, publish vacancies in all countries of presence at once, fill the recruiting funnel with relevant candidate applications and automate work with them using RPA technologies.

Seamlessly integrate with existing HR master-systems

Use the live Hiberty Hire platform with ready-made solutions for flexible customization of HR processes and working integrations with other HR solutions. For customized improvements, involve our team or use your own for independent development.

Use unified workspace

Users won't notice how they silently switch between modules and other heart rate solutions. You no longer need to remember different logins and passwords and waste time and nerves.

Get end-to-end analytics

Make prompt and informed decisions based on detailed analytics for all HR processes. Connect additional modules and collect more data.

When is Hiberty Hire most efficient?

  • Regular mass or professional recruitment
  • Many sources of candidate engagement
  • High recruiter workload
  • The recruitment process needs to be standardised across the company
  • Many manual routine operations
  • A long non-transparent candidate approval process; one needs to automate offer approval
  • Manual application form completion by candidates
  • Long candidate screening

Recruitment automation at every stage

Hiberty Hire allows you to automate even the most complex recruitment processes and implement any customisation to your needs.

Organizational structure of the company

Hiberty Hire keeps businesses organizational structure original which allows to manage staff supply & demand in every point of sale efficiently.


Automatically publish jobs and collect applications directly from job websites directly without any browser extension.

Auto search and reactivation

Automatically collect cold leads from job sites, and also reuse the accumulated database of suitable candidates for the vacancy.

Recruiter and Hiring Manager Task Scheduler

Interact with candidates smarter: Hiberty automatically builds necessary tasks queue to take the candidates through the process and also changes the priority of tasks using a smart algorithm.

Omni channel

Communicate with candidates through multiple channels: from inbound and outbound calls to emails, chatbots, WhatsApp, Telegram and many more!

Digital assessment

Conduct candidate's assessment digitally including video and audio interviews, send tests and tasks.

Job offer

Generate & send branded job-offers with the ability to send a response from a mobile phone.


Generate reports and get insights from your process inside Hiberty or plug in any third-party BI tool.


Performance over 2 years


candidates passed through Hiberty Hire Outsourcing


Employees hired


Reduction in hiring time


Average reduction in hiring cost


increase in the average conversion rate of candidates from response to the interview phase

“It is very important to build healthy, honest partnerships on such a joint project. As soon as we succeeded, we immediately improved our operating result. And it continues to improve. Many thanks to our project leaders for this. Another important aspect is not to be afraid to make changes to the existing system, connect additional sources, and pilot new approaches. The Hiberty Hire platform allows you to quickly make changes, which is very valuable for such rapidly changing processes as recruitment.”

Alena Tumaikina - Head of Mass Recruitment Recruitment Department of the Federal Customs Service "Perekryostok"


5 times faster

The time the courier is in the recruitment pipeline is reduced from 7 days to 1-2 days.

6 times more

With 6 times the recruitment volume, the recruitment staff remained unchanged.

4 months

The time needed to implement Hiberty Hire, integrate it with all systems and services, and set up HR processes.

“Prior to the introduction of Hiberty Hire, all processing of couriers was done manually, often using Excel files or Google docs, as well as third-party platforms. Now Hiberty Hire is a whole “living organism” with many functions and capabilities, thanks to which we managed to abandon a number of outdated tools and transfer the entire selection process to an online format, making it as comfortable and understandable as possible for the courier. I am very proud of the project that I have grown from the design document, and now everything works like clockwork.”

Slukina Irina - Head of the department of recruitment and development of mass personnel of ICS5 Digital


1,5 times

less time was needed for recruitment.


of candidates are hired on the day they apply.

3-4 days

is the average time to fill a vacancy.


of candidates are processed instantly.

“For us, the introduction of an automated mass recruitment system is a logical continuation of the course towards the digitalization of the company and HR processes. In a few months since the start of the implementation of the Hiberty Hire system throughout the country, the time to hire employees has decreased on average by one and a half times, and linear positions are now “closed” in 3-4 days. At the same time, 34% of candidates are now employed on the day of application.”

Oksana Kartavenko


100 000

Candidates from the old database were migrated to Hiberty Hire.


User accounts were created.


Applications were created by hiring managers.


Applications were created by hiring managers.

“We initially understood that the project in its ideal form could not be 100% implemented, and in general we were ready for the selection to go into the "handbrake", but this did not happen. Thanks to our well-coordinated work with colleagues, we seamlessly switched to Hiberty Hire. Now we have ambitious plans for development and improvements.”

Elena Kulagina - Head of Direction, Employee Services Directorate, Camolet Group

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